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Salmonfly - lowwater

My good friend Michael is behind this fly - the Green Highlander Spider. It's a very good fly for rivers like Gaula and Orkla in Norway. Michael doesn't tie it smaller than a 6, and yet it's light dressing makes it appear smaller than it is, and thus it does well on lowwater conditions!

Add to that that it's easy to tie as you can see, and you have a great fly! Beautiful too if you ask me!

Hook: Double, size 4 and 6 - here Partridge Salar Gold no. 5.
Thread: Yellow or Chartreuse 8/0.
Tail: Yellow FluoroFiber - sparse.
Body: Silver tinsel or FlatBraid.
Hackle (1): Yellow schlappen - sparse.
Hackle (2): Green Highlander schlappen - sparse.
hackle (3): Golden Pheasant - two turns!.
Add a little flash between the hackles!

This is an old PoD, but it's this style of fly that I'm reverting to now, because it's fast to tie and you can vary it almost infinitely in colours as well as dressing.

Edited by Viking Lars

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