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Last week on the frontpage I mentioned I was going to try something new. I also said that if it worked I'd report back. It worked! Lately I've been using dries, at night. Then, when the rise slows - or if it's just a quiet night - I'll switch to glow flies, such as a black and lumo rabbit. Recently I decided to try a combination, so tied up a couple of lumo dry flies. My tying was as follows:

hook: B400 size 10
hackle: black hackle (any)
wing: crow
body: lumo floss.

I sure the tying doesn't matter - so long as the body glows! A tail would improve the fly's buoyancy and maybe a fine silver rib to protect the body. I've found the fly effective on dead drift - although it also works on the swing. I'd love to hear some feedback. Perhaps you've tried this too?

Edited by Ronan

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