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Picture of the Day

Camo-Guy says, "So what is this picture then, Paul?"
Paul, "Hmm, not sure really"
Jim, "Looks, cool... I think"
Camo-Guy, "Stealthy..."
Paul, "Who took it?"
Garry, "Good question"
Jim, "The question is what is it?"
Aaron, "Space time continuum"
Six-pound Sean, "Are we still Mugwai hunting?"
Camo-Guy, "Dude, we're always Mugwai hunting"
Jim, "OK I think it's Paul"
Paul, "Looks weird if you ask me"
Garry, "It's artistic"
Aaron, "Where did the chocolate go?"
Camo-Guy, "OK it's Paul then but what's he doing?
Paul, "That's what I'd like to know"
Jim, "Yeah me too"
Aaron, "What about the coffee?"
Garry, "Sean, do you think we're ever going to catch us a Mugwai?"
Six-Pound Sean, "Complicated answer"
Camo-Guy, "OK we need plan"
Unknown Voice, "Come on out, I know you're in there!"
Six-pound Sean, "Shhh"
Aaron, "It's God!"
Garry, "There's someone out there"
Camo-Guy, "Cool"
Jim, "Well I'm outta hear"
Paul, "No, that's what they're expecting - even if you can't spell"
Garry, "Dudes we got another problem..."

Edited by Paul

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