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Picture of the Day

Aaron says, "I met God"
Garry, "Have you been smoking chilli-beans again Aaron?"
Jim, "Aaron, you're only supposed to eat that stuff remember?"
Aaron, "LOOK I was fishing and I heard him in the bushes - He said I wanted to eat the Mugwai"
Garry, "Goddammit - how did *he* find out?"
Jim, "I think there's a traitor in our midsts"
Garry, "I always thought Camo-Guy was too damn cool for this world"
Jim, "Are you saying that he's an angel Garry?"
Aaron, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha"
Garry, "Well he sure don't look like no angel to me, but they never do Jimbo and there's more about than most people think"
Aaron, "You guys have been smoking chilli-beans haven't you?"
Jim, "Look Aaron, how many *normal* people do you know who wear camoflage in the pub?"
Garry, "None Aaron, that's how many"
Jim, "So what do we do now then Gazza?"
Garry, "We play it cool that's what Jimbo - and watch him closely"
Jim, "Yeah - good plan - and *you* are cool Gaz!"
Garry, "Yeah - you too Jim-dude; you are really cool"
Aaron, "I wish I hadn't brought it up now"
Garry, "Well you did the right thing little fella"
Jim, "Yeah you never said how good in life you've been but so long as you try your hardest you should be ok - look at me and Garry"
Garry, "Yeah Jim-dude, you're super cool, and you do try your hardest, I may be no expert in philosophy but when I meet God I'll tell him how it is down here and tell him how he could make it better - he could make *you* an angel for starters"
Jim, "Yeah, Garry, thanks - *you'd* make a great Angel too - in fact I reckon you'd be an amazing angel"
Garry, "Yeah thanks you are probably right - in fact you'd make a great God"
Aaron, "WAIT A SECOND! Life is not about what you know - it's about what you don't know!"
*long pause*

Camo-Guy, "I wonder what that's all about, Paul?"
Paul, "No idea Camo-Guy, must be some Space-Time shift going on"
Six-Pound Sean, "Spooky"
Camo-Guy, "And they're on a river, hang on, must go and report upstairs..."

Edited by Paul

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