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Picture of the Day
Endless Search

Camo-Guy says, "Guys we've been on the road now for 49 days; Jimbo is starting to smell"
Jim, "Huh?"
Paul, "Maybe we should use him for bait"
Garry, "It's been a long and interesting hunt, I've learned a lot about life and myself, but you are right Camo-Guy: Jim needs a bath"
Jim, "Hang on!"
Six-pound Sean, "It wouldn't be so bad if he was downwind all the time"
Aaron, "Is that smell Jim? I thought something had died!"
Jim, "Wait a second guys!"
Camo-Guy, "But also I think I need a break - some whisky and well you know what..."
Aaron, "A glass?"
Garry, "Good wholesome food!"
Six-pound Sean, "I need a bed for a night"
Jim, "Well a dentist *would* be nice, come to think about it"
Camo-Guy, "Need a filling?"
Paul, "Okay let's disappear today and then the Monday people will wonder where we are!"
Camo-Guy, "He he he... that will confuse them and then we could nip back every once in a while and surprise them!"
Six-pound Sean, "You mean behave like anarchists?... Guy?... Guy?... Where did Guy go?... Fellows?... Hey where is everyone?... Wait for me; I also want some whisky and a filling..."

Edited by Paul

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