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Picture of the Day
Campfire talks

The Mugwai Hunters huddle round the smouldering ashes of the old campfire...
Garry, "Dudes, I been thinking"
Camo-Guy, "Oh no!"
Garry, "This Mystery Lake X stuff just doesn't add up"
Jim, "How do you mean Garry?"
Garry, "Let's face it, if it was just any normal mystery lake, it would be called Mystery Lake, but they've called it Mystery Lake X Why?"
Jim, "No Garry, not Mystery Lake XY, they called it Mystery Lake X"
Garry, "Yes but why?"
Jim, "X"
Garry, "but WHY?"
Sean, "Ah, I see what Garry means - he means that they got the letters wrong"
Garry, "No damn-it, I mean WHY, W-H-Y"
Jim, "Why what?"
Paul, "Hang on guys, I think what Garry is trying to say here, is Why W-H-Y Mystery Lake X and not just Mystery Lake"
All, "Aaahhhhh"
Garry, "Well thank goodness someone around here has some brains"
Paul, "Just a lucky birth Garry"
Aaron, "Well Camo-Guy found Mystery Lake O yesterday - well done Guy"
All, "Yes, Guy, well done"
Camo-Guy, "Well thanks fellas, it wasn't easy you know, I had to do lots of cool Stealth stuff first, but I think Old Gaz here has a point, why Mystery Lake X?"
(long silence)
Aaron (excited), "Maybe it's not a mystery lake after all!"
Jim, "What do you mean Aaron"
Aaron (less sure), "Well maybe someone else knows about it...?"
Garry, "That's what I think too"
Paul, "Shit where have the sheep gone?"

Edited by Paul

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