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Picture of the Day
Lightshift - Serbia

1) Djordje and Paul, ready for action.
2) Paul readies the Pink Thing
3) One fish. Paul ready for both skiing and camera work.
5) Djordje catches a fish on the Pink Thing
6) And drops it.
7) and catches another (good these PODs aren't they?)
8) release
9) Ok. Vlada (mad), Filip (extremely mad), Djordje (very mad), me (quite normal actually), Ljuba (runs the Hucho project), Dane (probably very mad too - all Serbian are).
10) Flytying! Paul ties an awesome fly.
11) and catches this fish
12) Vlada and Filip in fog.
13) Casting
14) Skiing
15) Nenad joins us. Nenad is also mad. In fact Nenad is extremely mad, as we will be seeing.
16) I don't know any of these people. However on the fire is fish. And they're crunchy
17) It's all about to happen..
18) Filip goes on a trip
19) We have a fantastic night. Very good people in Serbia. (Vlada is drunk)
20) Djordje and Paul ready for a new day!
21) With the right-angle boat
22) Darth Vadar tied this fly.
23) Paul on Strike
24) Hard to believe, but Vadar catches a pike on the pink fly
25) It could be gay
26) highly professional photo
27) A truly great trip, with awesome sunsets (28), sunrises and early morning starts (29 :p)

Edited by Paul

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