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The Vest

This is my vest and all the stuff I carry in or attached to it. I'm not really a lanyard kind of guy. The items are described below the picture.

Edited by Jo
The Vest

Items, clockwise from top: My new McLean weighnet, folding and telescopic, catch and release net. Pen and envelope for recording fish size and fly used. Folding carpenter's rule, easy to use one handed and not so likely to rust as a tape. Survival blanket, multisport first aid kit, painkillers. Hends microrings and rollers. Xink sinkant, Shimazaki Dry Shake floatant. Tippet, 4 spools snapped together, 4X and 5x Rio Powerflex and Fluoroflex Plus. Green carabiner on underarm D loop, for attaching wading staff or shooting stick. Medium size C&F box with dry flies, tippet degreaser and leader straightener on top. Spools of 5 and 6 lb Maxima tippet. Box of indicator flies. Loon Aquel floatant. More tapered and pre-tied leaders than I'll ever need. Bits and pieces of indicator yarn. 2 small C&F boxes, one with nymphs, one with dries. 2.2kg Stroft tippet on top. 10 lb Maxima tippet with Ross Line Tidy on top. Face net for when the demon sandfly becomes unbearable.

On the vest, left to right: Zinger and Tiemco nippers. Above in white sleeve, fishing license. C&F vest patch. Forceps on zinger. Knife in sheath.

Below: Shooting stick, only used on lakes when I'm not walking much. Telescopic hiking staff used for wading. Both clip on to the green carabiner attached to the vest.

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