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Picture of the Day
A High Country Lake

These exceptional pictures are all from the same lake, one I fish regularly. I met the photographer, Sean Coleman, there a couple of weekends ago and he very kindly sent me these pictures.

I've added some comments below the images, so as not to distract from them.

Edited by Jo
Paradise Shelduck

From top to bottom:
1) I'm not sure what sort of cast this is supposed to be, but it makes for a nice picture! This should also lay to rest all question of my gender ... or does it? ... "Do these waders make my bum look big?"
2) A female Paradise Shelduck.
3) A beautiful picture, but a little different when looked at from a flyfisher's eye. Fish cruise all along this edge. First off the lake is right up to the willows so casting is going to be tricky. Wading out will give more backcast space but will have to be carefully done in the still conditions. This is exactly where I mentioned in last week's FP that fish had jumped between me and the shore. Such still conditions will probably demand flourocarbon tippet (as it sinks well and is less visible than mono), a well degreased leader and tippet to help it sink and avoid blobby shadows and disturbance of the film and delicate presentations to avoid scaring all nearby fish with a splash and ripples. Sometimes we just need to relax and enjoy where we are though.
4) A pair of Australasian crested grebes.
5) I'm almost never up early enough to see stuff like this.

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