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Picture of the Day
A Cicada

This is the cicada I hooked the fish in the FP on. Well, not the exact one, I suspect that is still embedded in the fish's mouth. I hope it comes free.

This pattern accounted for another nice fish earlier in the day, which was my first cicada-caught fish of the year. Of course the fish doesn't know it's supposed to be a cicada, it's just something edible looking. It's on a size 10 Kamasan B175, the cicadas up here are quite small.

When I tied this up I thought I was being fairly original, or least hybridising another couple of cicada patterns I'm familiar with. A bit later it occurred to me that this is very similar to some tied by plutrach and shown here on the Board. As with most "original" flies, it's kind of a hodge-podge of other influences with just a sprinkling of something new. It's fun not to follow patterns though.

The wings are embossed flashback, which seems like pretty tough stuff. The body is dubbed from SLF Prism. The one I lost, of course, was better than this. It had longer wings and legs and a fatter dubbed body.

Edited by Jo
The Cicada

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