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Picture of the Day

These are my fly boxes. With the exception of the last box, I have occasionally take all of these on trips. Click for larger images.

Usual lake set: Boxes A, B, C, D, F
Usual river set: Boxes A, B, C, F

What I could probably get away with considering the amount of flies I use in a day: Box B with some dries/emergers on one side and some nymphs on the other.

Of course I also have several largish plastic compartmented boxes with spares I've tied up in advance.

Edited by Jo
Side 1 of my nymph box
A: Side 1 of my nymph box (small box)

Side 2 of my nymph box
A: Side 2 of my nymph box (small box)

Dries/emergers box 1
B: Dries/emergers box 1 (small box)

Dries/emergers box 2
C: Dries/emergers box 2 (medium box)

Lake box
D: Lake box with streamers/lures (large box)

Mixed overflow box
E: Mixed overflow box (small box)

Indicator flies
F: Indicator flies (very small box )

PNW Salmon box
G: PNW style salmon fly box (large box)

Atlantic salmon box
H: Atlantic style salmon fly box, with some Pukeko flies and small wets (small box)

Saltwater box
I: Saltwater box. Mostly empty fly boxes and idle hands are the devil's tools (large box)

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