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Picture of the Day
The Mugwai Hunters - Go Kahawai - 7

Jim: "So what was it like Camo-Guy?"
C-G: "Well it was pretty tough out there Jimbo; there were lots of colours and it was difficult for me to remain invisible"
Garry: "Did you see many fish?"
C-G: "No Brother Garry, but I imagined they were there... and big ones"
A: "Big ones? Do you think they were saltwater fish, Camo-Guy?"
C-G: "Hard to tell, little fellow, but they might have been"
J: "What about the take? Tell us about the take"
C-G: "I imagined that the end of the line stopped, and then I missed it"
Garry: "Unbelievable"
C-G: "Yep, I know, but that's saltfly; a real adventure"

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