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Denmark or Bust - 18

Viking Lars catches a seatrout. And his expression says it all. He is in a trace and is therefore unsure as to whether this is reality or an illusion, or for that matter, whether reality is an illusion, or the illusion is reality.

"I'm not sure what happened really, there I was confiscating... no no, hang on, concentrating, yes that's it, concentrating at all times, one moment, and then the next I was holding this thing. It may have come out of the bucket, in which case I brought it with me, which was a damn smart thing to do if you ask me, and would explain why I've caught fish and you haven't"
Chris, "I felt a space-time vortex thing happening, and heard singing angels, so you may actually have caught it Lars"
Lars, "Unbelievable, well in that case it that was damn good fishing then"

Denmark or Bust - just another day

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul
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