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Denmark or Bust - 17

I'm not sure what Chris is doing here exactly, but I'm "concentrating at all times" in this cool, all-action position.

Viking Lars, "That's really excellent Paul, and for how long did you manage that?"
"About three and a half seconds, Lars"
Chris, "Bloody hell Paul, that's good going"
"Well I'm an expert now Chris... what are you up to over there?"
"I'm trying to work out what this thing is for again, I can't seem to remember anymore"
"This Saltfly is such a blast, isn't it?"
"It's the single, most exciting thing that I have ever experienced, Paul"
"I can't think why I'm a *normal* flyfisher can you?"
"Certainly not, who wants to catch fish anyway? It's just a dumb idea"
"Yeah, and who needs to be able to feel their legs?"
"Not me, rather be without them, they just keep getting in the way and are forever tripping me up"
"Caught any elephants recently?"
"Chris? Oh no, hang on, I'm Chris... Lars, can I borrow another of your most excellent flies please?"
Lars, "Remember to concentrate at all times fellas"
"OH MY GOD! CHRIS! Do you see what I see???"
"What Paul?"
*dramatic pause*
"Oh no, my mistake, thought I saw a seatrout"
"Out there somewhere..."
"Out there?"
"Not telling"
"Not telling? Why not?"
"'Cos it's a secret"
"It's a secret?"
"You bastard. I don't believe you; I think you're just making it up"
"Don't then, I don't care"
*thoughtful pause*
"So... if you were to see a seatrout, do you think it would appear to the left or the to the right?"
"Nope, you won't get it out of me that way... and it was a biiig one"

Denmark or Bust - a serious and intense flyfishing experience as practiced by the professionals

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul
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