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Denmark or Bust - 11

Paul and Chris synchronise their casting.

Chris, "This'll work, those seatrout don't stand a chance now."
"Yes, any seatrout around here would be in well in trouble."
"Yeah, I almost expect to catch one, any day now - maybe even this year."
"And not just seatrout either, but cod, pollock, crabs, tuna, whales, swimming Viking girls... hell we may even catch some sheep."
"Syncronised flycasting kicks arse - I love this saltfly; such a buzz."
"Have you ever caught an elephant on the fly, Paul?"
"No... not that I can remember - why?"
"Because the way I feel now, anything could happen."
"You're mind is starting to go Chris; you've been fishing *way* too long."
"I can't feel my feet anymore... where are we... who am I?"
"Hang on in there Chris, shortly it may all make sense."
"You're dribbling, Chris!"
"Angels! I hear angels!"
"Quick Lars - Chris is crossing over!"
"Bait! I NEED BAIT!"
"Quick: Carl, Lars, grab Chris, get him out the water!"
"Oomphh, gerroff, ommph"
"Beer! He needs a beer!"
"We can't afford it, Paul, we only have 6000 Euros."
"Oommphh, bastards, I need shrimp paste."
"Knock him out Lars - it's the only way..."

Denmark or Bust - another reality.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul
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