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Picture of the Day
The dream of the perfect Atlantic salmon can only be formed in YOUR head!

1) A sea liced fat bright silver CHROMER.

2) A KELT (AFTER spawning) starting to get silver again.

3) A truly fat and silver chromer.

4) Another kelt AFTER spawning on it's way back into the ocean.

5) A chromer caught in the first week of June at Gaula river, Norway.

6) Another salmon caught in the same day and in the same place like 6)!. What do you think?

7) My friend Alex with his first salmon ever - a perfect 12Kg chromer!

8) One of my very first Atlantic salmons caught 20 years ago in August (in dark brown spawning color).

9) One AFTER spawning entering the river directly again (following the new (chromer) Salmons for a moment).

10) A perfect 14Kg sea liced chromer ready to release.

Edited by Bernd

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