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The Bath Plan

I'm not sure how many of you will have had a spontaneous outside bath, in the mountains, next to a stunning trout lake, beneath the stars - together with a beautiful woman - but if you haven't and if ever you get the opportunity to try it, it's something I'd recommend doing on a regular basis. It's almost as good as fishing in fact. Just be careful with the fire; it's dangerous stuff and you wouldn't want to burn yourself.

So here's the plan...

I'm going to create a guided tour of 'loops, add to it on a weekly basis and stick it in our member's section. It will be quite exciting. It's the obvious thing to do because even we can't find our way around and although that's quite cute for a while, mostly it's just annoying.

There are two obvious ways of going about this. One is to use the Vortices - exploring the turbulent history of Sexyloops - and the other is to make it up as we go. So you know which method I'll be using.

The fishing would have been great - apart from the snow of course - and so we fled, leaving my rods hidden in the bushes. Why we left my rods hidden in the bushes I can't say exactly, but it was a lucky thing that they were still there the next day when I remembered them again.

Three and a half thousand pages containing almost all of what we know about flycasting and flyfishing. Content from many regulars on almost every topic from roadkill to seahorses. It's a big plan. Certainly too big for me and one for the Caster Master.

I can't believe we came across a bath in the middle of nowhere. It's a great idea of course, one so good that I'm thinking about adopting it as one of my own and sticking baths all over the place. I'm not telling you where it is - because it's a secret.

The Caster Master lives for this kind of complicated stuff; I have every confidence in his ability.

The clever part of this bath-plan is that we get to fill in the gaps, not that we're trying to finish anything here you understand; one can only complete what one sets out to achieve and let's face it: Sexyloops was either an accident or else part of a larger plan I knew nothing about.

So that's it; a short Vortex revealing something which may or may not happen.

the best laid plans are made in the bath

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