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Ten............... TEN!!!!!

I think the highlight of Ronan's trip to Hungary, for me, was when his girlfriend called him in for dinner. “Dinner time!” - repeatedly and somewhat annoyingly. Consequently we didn't actually get to fish much together and the second two days not at all! Well obviously you know what I think about that and so I don't need to tell you.

Well OK it's fine, if only a little surprising!

We'll be doing it all again, properly, you know like actually fishing. Still I'm sure Ronan enjoyed the history tour of Budapest. And yes we may be like an “old married couple”, but all men are like that. I like to think of it as Manshit, or the Brotherhood, but I can go along with “Married”. I often feel like I'm married to Mike, Nick, Tonio, Zoltan, Deano, Camo-Guy for example, in fact all my friends… hell no woman's going to marry Camo-Guy so it might as well be us!

Babus is cool with this stuff of course. Well she'd have to be wouldn't she? I said it right at the beginning like I always do, “Babus, you'll never be more important than flyfishing, you're not a fish.” Which I think came as a relief to her. And although I'll be the first to admit I'm not perfect, I'm pretty fucking close. And between us, I think it's those little pieces of imperfection that make me interesting.

So, back to fishing. This week at some point, I'm off to Canada - I arrive on the 5th. Daniel and Stoatstail will be joining me on the 6th. Babus will be joining us - The Mighty Married Trio - on the 11th (although how she's going to get from the airport to the river is anyone's guess). Hopefully Walter, Paul Harps, Blair and MANY OTHERS will be joining us for festivities and fish, of which there will be plenty - because SEXYLOOPS IS TEN YEARS OLD THIS MONTH!!!!! September 22nd 1998 is when it all started!

And what will we be doing on Sept 22nd to celebrate this momentous occasion? I have absolutely no idea, but we'll certainly be fishing. And hopefully by which point we'll have some equally exciting and amazing news for you. That's right my married bothers and sisters, we are standing on top of the mountain together, hang on to your shorts baby, it's time to launch the roller coaster. ALL ABOARD!!! This train is leaving now!!! DESTINATION UNKNOWN!!! Hang on, it's not a roller coaster… it's a Fucking ROCKET LAUNCHER!!! Everybody take their shorts off - quick - and stick them on your head, that's the only way to avoid Whipshit.

“The world may not be ready for us, Paul.”
“But that's how we're going to take them by surprise!”
“They'll shoot us down.”
“We're taking them with us!”
“Your bottom is too sexy”




“OK, sorry, wrong button… this is the one!”


So as I said September 22nd, big party, lots of fish, no idea where it's going to happen, but be ready for anything… we have a date with destiny and she's not wearing panties.

Talking of dates with Destiny, I've been asked to put up a page of Sexyloops encounters, such as the one in Middlemarch, the Scottish Meet, and Balatoning at the end of October. This is a good idea, which is surprising, coming from the Board and despite going slightly against our “don't plan anything because we're bound to fuck it up” ethos I'll put such a page together (but hide it in the realms of Sexyloops - hang on, not realms, but dungeons). That's right, boys and girls, Sexyloops has dungeons. That's where the Royal Fuckup came from - from the Sexyloops dungeons. No other website has dungeons, or dungeons even, only Sexyloops has dungeons, once again pioneering flyfishing. If you don't believe me, go on another flysite and ask them if they have dungeons and see what they tell you. We at Sexyloops have dungeons coming out of our ears. You can't move around here without falling down one.

Why, that's what happened to Sean only a few years ago, there he was writing the Front Page when all of a sudden he fell down one of our dungeons. We tried calling him back for dinner, but he never came. He was lost without a headlamp, with only his trusty fiveweight and a pair of polyprops to guide him, three years later, he reappeared in two weeks time and will be rejoining the FP Team. YES! Welcome back Seanie!! And miraculously he is now not Six-Pound Sean, but instead: Sixteen-Pound Sean, having caught a salmon last month in Iceland.

And between now and then, we have NZ Man of Mystery, "Jo", taking on the Thursday Slot and where he'll take it nobody knows. More excitement, more drama, more fish, more dungeons than anywhere else. We have at least three fire-breathing dragons and that's no casual threat either. Stand back, we're going in: Launch the Woolly Bugger.


Revolution is Evolution, with a holy sock.

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