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Streamside 25/07/05

Thank you to all you members for supporting this site. It's been an exciting year (must go home for a couple of weeks and recharge) – anyway I don't want to talk about that, I want to talk about the Member's section and I don't want to get too distracted (do you realise I haven't had a shower since I stayed with Bruce?). Completely waterproof – now who's smart?

When I launched the Sexyloopers last year, many close friends, some of whom had even contributed to the site, insisted on paying to be Members. Consequently the only memberships I actually gave away were to FP contributors and sponsors. And I'm still thinking of charging Ben.

One of our ideas was to analyse video with Bruce and Bill and post our fantastic teaching within the Members' section, however neither Bill nor Bruce were happy analysing video without seeing the line. Consequently I analysed around 40 members casts on my Todd and another 4 or 5 with Bruce and Bill.

Me, I'm not really interested in the line and am more interested in close ups of the body. Can't explain it, anyway I ended up holding back on publishing this stuff. I still can use it but it's a lot of work to piece together and although everyone's happy with the results I don't feel that it's strong enough content for publishing. And believe me, I've thought about it a lot.


One of the options, which I considered a number of times, is to pull back some of the 7,500 Sexyloops pages and lock them away for Members' eyes only. And maybe one day we'll do this, but I'd prefer not to. Having 7,500 pages is great for Search engines and allows us to write interesting front pages without constantly writing new stuff. And besides why should I lock stuff away? I'd rather our readers say, “fuck, this is good, I'd love to support this site” – which is what's happened of course and that's wonderful.

Unfortunately the Member's section hasn't expanded, which I'm unhappy about - thank goodness I gave away the DVD because I haven't had the time to expand on Fluff! Amazingly, not one member complained about the lack of new content. I know we didn't sell it as a Members section, more of a “support this site because you love it and God promises to be careful with lightning”, but still: THANKS!

However I still want to do something cool here, and I may have come up with an idea. Well two ideas actually. One is a mystery, like the Instructor DVD (didn't tell you what was coming) and it's not Enlightenment – before you ask, which I'll sell. It's exciting but it's going to take me a month or two to create. Camo-Guy was the inspiration here as was Wild Bill.

The other I can tell you about, because it's an idea I want to run past you and it needs a little planning on my part (not much of course, because as you know I don't plan anything). I need a catchy name, hang on… Streamside.

Here's the idea: I have a streamside kit, it contains a lot of materials and fits in a 1 litre box. I used it in NZ for three months after the Red Herring was broken into and Operation Fluff was pinched by a guy who's dead now (he was run over by a tractor, very sad but true). That's karma of course. I've had lots of karma in my life, in fact so much karma that I'm beginning to believe that I fucked up big time in my last one. There's only so much karma you can take before you come to this conclusion. I'm starting to think I may have been a politician, lawyer or policeman.

So anyway, I'm thinking, launch the kit and set forth with no flies and build a flybox, live, as it happens, in real life, with colour pictures and fishing stories (but not crappy ones). It will be an education, and I reckon fun. Certainly it leads to a more spontaneous writing style, kind of frontpage stuff but less holding back.

Good idea, huh? I think so. And as an experiment I'll try one today, instead of the PoD, to see how long it takes.

The Sexyloops Streamside Kit incidentally was created around a campfire in NZ. Following 36 beers, Ronan, Chris and I chose our Top Ten, or to be more accurate we chose our combined Top Thirty and apart from about 4 of Chris' which no one has ever heard of and a whole bunch of weird materials he invented because he was drunk and didn't know any better, this has become the Kit. Of course with the materials for 30 patterns you can tie just about anything.

Don't expect anything for a month or so and when it comes it's going to be bare roots, fluff and Light of AAPGAI because that's what we do best. If you're looking for polish you've come to the wrong place. But you knew that.

Talking of aces (where did that come from?), a number of people have said that 15 pounds is too cheap and I should be charging more. It was also suggested that I should allow you to fill in your own amount, but that doesn't feel right to me. I know political parties do it as do other sites, but to me that feels like charity, or worse: tipping. So here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to keep basic membership at 15 pounds which I think is a good figure (remember many of our readers live in countries where 15 quid is actually quite a lot of money). And I'm going to create the Woolly Bugger Family Membership which costs 25 pounds.

God says: “Yo! I think the Woolly Bugger Family Membership is a grand idea and as well as promising not to strike you down by lightning by mistake, I'll make sure Peter knows you're coming so you don't have to queue. Our queues can be a bit long and there's often trouble, especially with the Yanks”.

If you're not already a Member, and if you read this site regularly you should be, join up and I'll still send you the Instructor DVD and you'll even get the “new thing” which is coming… you know, later.

Is your life as complicated and disorganised as mine? I think flyfishing teaches us to be disorganised and complicated. Yep that's it, you can turn anything into something positive, all it takes is a little bit of balls and quite a lot of bollocks.

I'm off to Canada this week where I will be living on 5 potatoes and a bottle of hot chilli sauce.


after only 33 beers, Chris, who's about to fall off his chair, invents peach microplasm tinsel

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