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Sabbaticals and the Revolution

This week I thought I'd write a Vortex - I know it's been a while, but I'm back on the Monday slot since Eric is on sabbatical and I need to hone up my writing skills.

So we're going to mix things up a bit and see what happens; we've had some excellent new FPs over the past couple of weeks and for the first time in the history of Sexyloops we actually have a bunch of FPs in the wing ready to roll. The way the FP has been run up to now, is that on midnight someone calls off, “Arrgghh! I can't make the FP, please someone cover me!” (or at nine o'clock in the morning, Lars) And chaos hits, and one of us saves the FP by making up something on the spot, or the Fishgirls come out for a dance. However, now we have one of any number of special FPs ready and waiting.

(FP=Front Page by the way, in case you were wondering.)

So that's exciting.

Talking of sabbaticals, I've been on a few myself. Not Sexyloops sabbaticals, but women sabbaticals, which are almost as frightening and not to be recommended, and one of which was even self-imposed. It didn't work of course and that's because flyfishers are irresistible to womenfolk. Ten-pound Tom is another flyfisher I know who's tried it and he found it bloody hard too. Sean on the other hand has never to my knowledge even thought about it - which surprises many people.

You're probably thinking right now, “Why? Why have a woman sabbatical Paul? You're not that ugly.” Well, friends, that particular week, I wanted to try something different; a different kind of freedom. It's all part of the path to Enlightenment.

Talking of which, our latest DVD/film is finished. The Revolution. However I'm not sure how to release it at the moment, since I'm having a hard time getting around US government bureaucracy and getting paid by our US distributor - they don't make it easy. So I'll probably end up having them burned here in Europe and distribute direct. This is the best film we've made by far. Ok the continuity is slightly fucked because I go from having a beard, hair and yellow teeth, to shaven, bald and white teeth - but I actually think that makes it better and is something to look out for.

The Revolution will be available in July.

Making the Revolution and certain elements in particular, will ultimately accomplish a long term goal. Far out. So it's an enormous mile stone for me and all of us involved in Sexyloops. There is one more key element to our Global Domination campaign that has to happen of course, and that is death; I have to die in all of this, and I'm busy writing about it at the moment.

The first official showing of the Revolution was at the Scottish Meet - although there has been one small edit since then - and it was received very well. Daniel's girlfriend, Gemma, loved it, and she doesn't flyfish, which is significant because our success depends on it. She has since taken up flyfishing and is now catching bigger fish than Daniel's.

Sean liked it too, and he does flyfish, and is now experimenting with bombs.

Lots of amazing friends at Sexyloops. Ten years ago my list of friends would have been like everyone else's; half a dozen good ones and maybe a hundred flyfishos. Now I wouldn't even know where to begin. Here at Sexyloops it's all about to happen, apart from the bits that are already happening, and of course those bits that have already happened, unless they happen again.

Back next Monday with more cool thoughts.



Revolution is Evolution, with a double haul.

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