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Lumiline Special

Last week we introduced the Lumiline, we've bought a few of these for resale, our first bunch are RIO's standard WF taper, we'll be lengthening this in due course to our own design. And excitingly and quite rightly in my opinion, we've abandoned the box and plastic packaging in favour of a recycled envelope. To spool the line, place a rolled up newspaper between the coils, and with a friend use this to feed the line out. It takes about one minute longer.

The first time I used a luminous flyline was when Viking Lars first visited me in England in 2002 - we even made an Adventure POD series about it. It was fun of course, as you'd expect, wandering around in the dark, casting a luminous flyline, wearing sunglasses. But we didn't take it very seriously, and had no plans to actually fish one.

Shortly after I took a couple out to New Zealand and at various gatherings I'd whip them out, charge them up and have a casting session. Actually I often do this on my own too, after a late night campfire in the bush, I'll charge one up, and throw into the night.

As a teaching tool they are amazing. People who have no interest in casting, both flyfishers (CamoGuy for example, who just wanted to catch fish) as well as bystanders who have never picked up a rod - all want to have a go. One of the hardest things in teaching is getting someone to see and understand the loop. On a dark night (it has to be dark, no moon and no street lights) all you see is the line. You can see the loops, clearly, as well as line's final configuration on the ground. It's a quite remarkable teaching line, second to none in my opinion.

Something else I do, is run two lines parallel. If you want quick results teaching loop control, double haul (you'll need a headlamp to show the hand movements), slack line configuration, Speys and Snaps, then this is the ultimate teaching method. I throw one and the interested party the other.

Of course no lumiline session would be complete without a Shoot Out, only this time it's a like Star Wars, firing the lumiline at each other, and I have a few funky tricks up my sleeve that always surprises the opposition. But mostly I just stand way back. Of course this is very dangerous and you should wear eye protection, and possibly a helmet, especially when fighting Ronan.

And if you really want a good time, I can thoroughly recommend Pink Floyd, standing on the roof of the car with a fully charged lumiline and seal's fur.

To charge, there are a number of ways, and we're working on some ideas that won't temporarily blind you. We're selling a torch which Walter says is the bollocks (I haven't tried it yet, but will do so very soon in Canada). Up to now I've been using aluminium foil laid out on the ground, coils of line stripped onto the foil and a 1 million candle spot lamp. With this you get around 20 minutes of bright line. You can also use a car headlamp, but methinks Go Wyld's combo pack is the way forward!

Every Looper should have one.


Sexyloops Lumilines can be purchased through our Canadian partner: Go Wyld.

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