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Light Hearted

These were taken to add a bit of fun.

It's amazing how an old boot can imitate a carp Carp Take
Paul and unknown friend catch a carp. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay
Go Seanie
Sean goes stalking

The things we do for the perfect pic! Ladder Cast
Paul scales new heights in the pursuit of casting
WARNING: This makes the Blair Witch Project look like Pocahontas
Parental Guidance needed

Another embarrasing moment caught on camera Tree
"Where did that come from?"
Seagull Invasion
Paul realises finally that selling guano through the tackle shop is not such a good idea.
Tora!, tora!, tora!

God, I'm so depressed... Troutless
Sean, minus trout, considers how best to break THAT camera
After his brilliant impersonation of Michael Caine in 'The Plan' the fearless Jim Curry tackles Lassie.
Incredible makeup job

Incredible makeup job Trophy
Paul blanks in style
Rain Man
Sean Geer tests some product.
Wet and totally ****ed off

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