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Royal Wulff

A fly invented by Lee Wulff to cope with the tumbling rivers of the Adirondack mountains in the eastern United States. Based on the older Royal Coachman, the red/black/white Royal Wulff resembles nothing in particular, and is thus often the first choice of novice dry-fly fishermen who couldn't match a hatch if they fell through it. Despite its garish colours and bulky profile, the Royal Wulff still accounts for thousands of trout around the world every year - in part because so many people fish it, but also because like the Adams, trout seem to mistake it for a wide variety of mayflies and other insects, particularly in fast, heavily riffled water. Not the easiest of dry flies to tie, many experienced fisherfolk would in any case rather be seen dead than carry Royal Wulffs in their flyboxes, although they are happier to carry its grey and white cousins.

Courtesy of Sean

and here's a pattern:

  • Hook: Mustad 94840 dry Size 8-14.
  • Thread: Black 6/0.
  • Tail: Natural deer hair
  • Body: Peacock herl front and rear thirds of hook with red silk in the middle.
  • Wing: White calf tail.
  • Hackle: Coachman brown.

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