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This fly is one of many devised by Richard walker, it is as the title suggests a stickleback imitation. It is one of those tried and trusted fly patterns that over the years has gained a fantastic reputation. Many fish imitations are said to be closer to the natural than any invertebrate imitation, this being no exception. When this fly was first devised during the 1960's it was called the sticklefly, Ken Sinfoil further developed the fly with the inclusion of a polythene body, thus the polysticke was born.


  • Hook - long shank size 6 to 8
  • Thread - black
  • Body - Front quarter, crimson floss, remainder clear polythene or comparable material (flexibody).
  • Back and tail - brown raffene
  • Hackle - beard style in hot orange

Fish this fly just under the surface with a jerky (injured fish) retrieve. It appears very similar to the natural and is very effective during those periods of low insect activity.

Courtesy of Ben

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