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Sexyloops Tackle Database Project

Rod Database Table

This database was designed to collect user submitted data on rods and provide a common repository for rod information that might not be available from the manufacturer. Data is entered and viewable real time. You're invited to add data, but you must have a registered account on The Sexyloops Board to add an entry (register here). You will be prompted for your logon name and email address associated with that account on the data submission form.

In addition to the basic information of Manufacturer, Model, Length and the Manufacturer's Line Rating, there are fields for ERN and AA based on the Common Cents Rod Rating System (CCS). This data is the focus of this project. Please visit the CCS site for details on measuring these rod attributes or ask in the tackle section of The Board. Additionally, fields for weight, built type (factory vs custom), and a comments field are available.

If you have any questions or comments, please reply to the Rod Database post or email

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