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Throwing Far
by Paul

It became a mild obsession of mine some four years ago and I wanted distance. Despite what you might think, distance casting athletes donít have a small dicks. Those with small dicks cast double handed rods rigged with shooting heads. Important information, Iím sure youíll agree.

Talking purely for myself here Iíve found that the pursuit of distance has given me pace in my cast, which can be important, especially when a fish is on the move, itís also highlighted many of the faults in my casting Ė ones that I didnít know I had Ė and itís made me more attractive to the ladies and Carl.

So anyway, here are some tips if you want to get involved in the pursuit of distance.

Firstly youíre going to need a tape measure. If you donít have a tape measure youíre simply left guessing. Two casts can look identical, both turn over, but one has slack in the line or leader. There can be ten feet in just getting the line to straighten out properly, but unless you have a tape measure you wonít know this.

Youíre also going to need fluff. Or better still, a casting fly. Otherwise the tape measure has become meaningless.

There are three other things that will help you immensely. One is a sports hall or a casting barn. I donít have one of these but when Iím rich and famous Iíll buy one and you can all borrow it.

The other two items I do have. One is a video camera. Set it up from all angles and just leave it running. When you ďhook one upĒ run back and check it. And also check at random intervals. You may think you are casting great but one quick look at the camera shows you things you hadnít even imagined.

Finally youíll want some competition. Find a caster, or several of them, and compete with them. Competition lifts the pace and best of all youíll make some fantastic friends, none of whom should ever be allowed out in public.

Itís another world. And contrary to popular opinion, generally speaking we are more perverted than the flytyers.

[Carl made me write this.]


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