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Smooth Connections Revisited
by Lasse Karlsson

For those who still are trying to get that flyline into the next zipcode, and are finding the competition lines at 120 feet too short, there's a new way of getting them longer (and no it's still not viagra we are talking about, or some sort of car pump thingy ;o)))))
Dutch instructor Sepp Fuchs, has come up with a cool way of joining to flylines (it can involve fire and as such is just the right thing for manshit guys like the infamuos worldtravelling troutbum with bad socks…), and the applications for flyfishers are abundant, I'll show a few of them, but let's start with the connection of two pieces of flyline.

First of all, here's what is needed:

it's all about to happen

Two flylines, with braided cores,a razorblade, a lighter, a pair of scissors, and most importently a piece of clear shrinktube!

Bruce Richards will be happy

Taper of the two ends of flyline with the razorblade

At this point you may be thinking 'sex'

Insert the tapered ends into the shrinktube

Bruce Richards said that

Make sure the two ends overlap each other

Now is the time where we grab the lighter and apply heat to the tube (a iron or a heatgun set at low setting is quite good too, but open fire is more fun :oP)

If you try this at home be sure to burn yourself and write to Lasse - correct mailing address provided below

Start at one end and work towards the other, making the shrinktube do what it does best, make sure there's no air bubbles!

'I was not thinking sex, Paul' - Bruce

Also make sure that the heat is applied evenly, to much and the flylines will burn making the connection a no no..

The first time you do this you will melt your flyline

Now as we apply the heat evenly all around, the coating should begin to melt and flow together

..and burn your fingers

As soon as it does, apply some danish saliva to your fingers and gently roll the connection between them, this makes the connection nice and round

...and maybe even cut yourself

When the connection has cooled down. Take the scissors and and cut the unskrunk end up a bit

if it hasn't worked you'll find out about now

Then take hold of the flyline and shrinktube and just peel of the tubing

Now all you have to do is learn to cast 120ft

Presto there you have it, a very nice and super smooth connection
I'll follow up with a very smooth way of making loops to shootingheads, and a cool way of reparing damaged flylines…

Hopefully Paul will rewrite my story at the bottom, the email is:, as I've been trying to get him to change the last 8 months ;o) And sorry girls, I've been snatched up by a beatiful flyfisher, guess she liked the picture, so you can stop sending me emails with offers ;o)))))

Lasse Karlsson is a painter in both senses of the word. He teaches kids how to fish in his spare time and is an FFFE instructor. When he's not fishing he likes to sketch, trek and generally be outdoors. He's also one of those rare people who doesn't have to catch fish to enjoy himself, hence his fetish for saltwater fly - without concentrating at all times. So girls, if you're looking for that someone special, could this be your man?

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