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Smooth Connections 3
by Lasse Karlsson

We've all tried it, on the water, fishing and then we get the line caught in either a rock, barbed wire fence, fishing buddy's nippers or just tramp on itů. Normally that would mean the end to a otherwise good flyline, but there's a way to give that flyline some new life (unless you use it to try and tow your stuck vehicle ;o) )

damn it!

The damage

Lasse may in fact be an arsonist

The needed tools: A lighter, a piece of shrinktube, the damaged flyline, and a piece of coating from a old flyline, here I stripped of some from the end of one.

... or a pervert

Insert the flyline and the piece of old coating into the shrinktube. The piece of coating should be a bit longer than the damage

Lasse sent me some shrink tubing so I could try this at home

Now start to apply heat gently from one end, letting the shrinktube shrink and catch the flyline and old coating, then gently make sure that the piece of coating is on top of the damage before carrying on with the heat

Here at Sexyloops we'd like to recommend you practice with A.flo flylines

Then apply heat to get the coatings to melt together, and fuse into one

Hell you've got to start somewhere

Remove the shrinktube

And we have a revitalized flyline ready for some more action on the water 8o)

This could be the beginning of mass underground flyline development


Lasse Karlsson is a painter in both senses of the word. He teaches kids how to fish in his spare time and is an FFFE instructor. When he's not fishing he likes to sketch, trek and generally be outdoors. He's also one of those rare people who doesn't have to catch fish to enjoy himself, hence his fetish for saltwater fly - without concentrating at all times. So girls, if you're looking for that someone special, could this be your man?

If it is - too late. But Ben's still free, so if you if don't mind losing your pubic hair be sure to send him an email. We are sexy.

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