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Smooth Connections
by Lasse Karlsson

So, we have embarked in the joyous adventure of getting that flyline to go into the next zipcode. It's going alright, but the line has it's limitations; it's simply not long enough.

Yeah it's great to shoot some backing into the cast, but every so often the knot that connects the line to the backing hangs up in the rings and gives premature turnover. And as if that's not enough, the limpness of the backing creates some tremendous tangles. This goes to make that cast we finally hook up, a somewhat rare event. (And no we don't suggest Viagra)

Ok, so the backing doesn't cut it, ”what about mono?” you say. Well there's that knot again, and even though the knot is smaller, it's still there, and with the memory of mono. ”Stretch it!” you say and still it tangles with the flyline.

All right then; why not just lengthen the flyline with, yup you guessed it, flyline…
The question now is just how do we get two pieces of flyline together without some sort of bulky knot, in short how do we get that smooth sexy connection?

I use two different ways to connect flyline to flyline, and they are as follows:

1. The sewing method

Get hold of the desired length of flyline in the same diameter as the end of you chosen flyline.

finky colours!

Strip approximately 2 centimetres of coating of both.

erm, funky colours that was.

Place the stripped parts on top of each other, and sew them together with rodwrapping thread or unwaxed tying silk.

that's because it's Danish

Then wrap the stripped parts with thread and build up and evenly layer, finish of with a couple of half hitches.

one technique of spinning the thread is to hold the line and make small fast circling motions; the bobbin holder will spin around the line and hit you in the face

To get a smooth finish, cover the wraps with flexible glue.

don't try that if anyone you know is watching

This is a fairly fast and good way of connecting two pieces of flyline, but if we want that really smooth and sexy one, we will have to do it like this:

2. The "other" method

Get a hold of a length of flyline the same diameter as the backend of your chosen flyline.

*This* method is far better and with less risk

Strip approximately 6 centimetres of coating from one of them.

so if you're a pussy then this is the one for you

Fray the end of the stripped core 1 centimetre, using a needle to get the braid apart.

personally I prefer the first method, although with this one you're more likely to stab yourself

Now cut of half of the frayed end!

that may swing it for you

Moisten the frayed end, and put it through the eye of a needle (a needle with a big eye is really helpful here), insert the needle through the centre (core) of the flyline, as far as you can get it, then out through the coating.

notice that Lasse *isn't* using the Light of AAPGAI (it's too bright)

Pull the needle all the way through bringing the stripped core inside the core of the other flyline. Before pulling the two pieces tight together, soak the stripped core in flexible glue. Pull tight, wipe off the excess glue, and let it cure.

Disclaimer: Sexyloops can in no way be held responsible for anything you may or may not think, feel or do. Only you can be responsible for that...  are you connected?

When the glue has cured, cut of the excess core material as close to the coating as possible.

There you have it, a nice smooth sexy connection.

Lasse Karlsson is a painter in both senses of the word. He teaches kids how to fish in his spare time and is an FFFE instructor. When he's not fishing he likes to sketch, trek and generally be outdoors. He's also one of those rare people who doesn't have to catch fish to enjoy himself, hence his fetish for saltwater fly - without concentrating at all times. So girls, if you're looking for that someone special, could this be your man?

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