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The Fat Boy

It all started way back in 2002 I was frustrated with hearing that in saltwater flyfishing, a flyfisher has to make a thousand casts before catching a fish. I believed that this was an inaccurate way of measuring the effort required before success is realised... so I decided to record my fishing effort in hours per session, and then over a long period of time, average out the number of fish per hour... statistical regression analysis. This basically is a tool used to analyse and predict trends in data... The analysis also revealed some other interesting facts... For example, the fact that a 42.3% relationship exists between the Upper South Coast and the Incoming tide...

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January '08

Guiding out of Durban, South Africa, Sudesh Pursad helps moderate the Saltwater section of the Board. When he's not in Kosi Bay, you can track him down through Bamba Flyfishing Adventures.


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