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Yo... not knowing the computer speak... I am unsure if I am allowed/meant to put my website on my profile or not?
And... how the heck do I make a site for my photo to be viewed? (in profile) for non computer speak people this is not simple or straight forward.
I don't know what hhtp is.. or care... I don't know what url is.... I don't want to learn... I just want a site to be simple to get around. I reckon by all means have computer speak on there.. but also the real person language too.

What the fuck is/are 'pips'  I don't even like oranges!!
IQC???... fuck me.... where am I??

e.g.... put your photo here.
Put your website here

How can I have my own photo on my stuff instead of the little green men??

Question.. why does the current response/conversation (re guides) not come up with most recent comment first?
I seem to have the old stuff... and it took me 5 mins to work out how to find my own comment from today.

Hmmmm... I'm slow I know.
I wouldn't take the time to ask these questions on another site... I just wouldn't do it...

Do other non computer people have a similar experience?

Gotta run... beer o'clock.

Cheers Deano 

Thanks Deano…

Yes you are allowed to put you website in your profile. Open another copy of Sexyloops so that you can still read this page while you visit the Board.

On the Board, just below where it says "Welcome Deano" you will see the words Your control panel. You will notice that these words are in blue, this indicates that they are clickable. Take the little pointy arrow thing that is controlled by your mouse, click these words and another page will open. We call these blue clickable words “links” and this is how the Internet works. The Internet is in effect billions of pages inter-connected by links. It's really quite a neat concept.

The page that has now opened is your Control Panel. It is here where you can modify your account. So let's do that…

Personal Info – click the link
Edit your profile – click the link
Where it says your website URL type:
Where is says URL for a personal photograph type:

Don't blame me for the stupid name of this image; it came from your site. If you want to use a different photo (you know of a decent sized fish, and not a tiddler like that one) then take your little mouse pointer to the picture you want, RIGHT CLICK the mouse and click Properties. There you will discover the complete path to the image. Every single file and image has it's own unique URL. URL stands for Universal Resource Locator by the way, you don't need to know that of course, but I know how important these things are to you.

Where it says your interests type: trying to catch as many fish as Paul.

Once you've done all that, press the button at the bottom of the page which says Amend my profile.

Now go to Avatar options. Go down the page to the bit where it says your image avatars. In the box where it says your avatar type: (it is a picture you will like; I thought about using a different picture of course) The dimensions are 64 x 64.

Click add my own image as my avatar.

And you are done. If you want to use something different let me know. Many people seem to choose dogs as their avatar. Which is a bit stupid if you ask me.

To answer your other questions:
After you answered in the guides thread it did come to the top, but someone posted in another thread shortly afterwards. I don't know what pips, AOLAM or any of that other bollocks is either.

One of the easiest ways I find to navigate the Board is to use the New Posts button.


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