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Welcome to the Tackle Reviews. Although this section is managed by BigPaul of Kate Fleming's, it is not just about the Sexyloops Tackleshop. Here you will find all sorts of information with regards to all flyfishing tackle. In effect what we have here is a flytackle database, to which BigPaul, myself and a few others, will all collectively contribute. One thing that this section should clearly demonstrate above all else, is our integrity ;-)

Vision Extreme breathable waders

I've always been a little sceptical when it comes to things that are claimed to both breathe and be waterproof. I mean I can understand the concept (really small holes), but I know many people who have tried them and found them to be wanting in one or other, and sometimes both, aspects. And that's just for raincoats. Waders? No way.

So when I was given a pair to try out I had a quiet chuckle to myself. (You should know that I see myself as a sort of happy-go-lucky adventurer dude with a casually reckless streak: the Robinson Crusoe come Evil Knieval of the flyfishing world; overcome by enthusiasm and a lustful urge to throw myself headlong into any unknown situation, especially one involving an element of danger, fish or women; I didn't give these waders five minutes)

I've since thrown myself down gorges, gotten massively and inextricably ensnared in some really spiky thorn bushes, sprinted down rivers after fish, crawled for miles on my hands and knees; all wearing these waders and they still don't leak.

I've been wearing them non-stop now for three months and they are very very good (although they do smell a bit - in the last newsletter this lead me to come up with the "reversible waders" concept)

The waders come complete with integrated elasticised gravel guards and neoprene feet. Neoprene doesn't breathe btw and this is noticeable :-) There are D-rings on the front and back and there is a little pocket at the front for flyboxes. Just above hip level are two tabs for tightening the waders for a closer, more body-hugging fit or for tightening up when you roll them down to waist level. The knee areas are strengthened for getting ensnared in thorn bushes.

Talking of which, something surprising happened while wearing these waders; I got "thorned" in one knee. My first thought was "ow and if surface life is an illusion how come that hurt? And since this pain is in my mind and therefore a creation of my mind I should be able to control it but I'm buggered if I can" my second was "aha, so now they will leak" closely followed by a slightly maniacal chuckle.

The fact that (a) they don't now leak and (b) there was a small thorn in the side of my knee, which required microsurgery with the hook point of a muddler-minnow, bothers me. I cannot give any explanation as to why this is so; merely that it is so and that I'm certain that had I treated these waders with great care and delicacy they would have torn to shreds in no time; such is life.

Of course the best thing about these waders is that you can buy them through the Sexyloops Tackleshop and I think you should of course :-)


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