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Ronan's report

Monday 22nd September, 2014

Apparently I had Anvar's page for yesterday but forgot! Sorry about that Anvar - I shall use it this week! Thanks!!

So, the Hungarian Meet at Latohegy was a huge success. We had forecasts of floods, lightning storms and tidal waves, however come Saturday and Sunday the weather was actually rather nice and no one got wet. For Saturday we had 10 and for Sunday 13. Somewhere between 10 and 15 is the prefect number for this location; everyone stays in comfort, everyone eats at the same table and we can run workshops instead of demos. Next year I plan to run four or five paid weekends at Latohegy dealing with specific casting topics, supporting and supported by one well-known and highly-skilled International instructor as well as our regular and excellent local instructors.

We had a very busy schedule of casting topics, workshops, casting demos, fishing presentations and so on. The food was tremendous (I wasn't cooking). Thanks to Sasha, Alex, Scotty, Erno, Ivica and Schneska, Janko, Nils and Joanna, Karel and of course Aniko. We had lots of fun competitions as well, including left-handed accuracy!

Since then we've been fishing Croatia, which has been good but hard. There are a couple of canals about 20Km from Latohegy as the crow flies, but a good hour to drive because the border crossings are up or down stream by 30mins. It is my local trout water (and some grayling). And next year it will be 20 minutes drive because (probably) Croatia will be in the Schengen agreement and the bridge just downstream of Latohegy will be connected to Hungary.

So I've been busy exploring the area. There are a lot of trout in the canals this year but they are incredibly spooky. And I need some decent gammarus patterns because mine are all crap! Scotty, Alex and I stayed in a local hotel, but when I'm on my own that doesn't suit me at all. And so I've found plenty of freedom camping spots next to a lake here and I'm currently making use of them! But I've stayed in touch with the hotel and joined the gym for a month (27Euros - Croatia is a very affordable country for me!).

I have trout fishing in one canal until the end of the month and then pike fishing in the lake here. Next year I'm moving my sailing boat to the local harbour which will give me more luxuriuos accommodation than the back of the car! It costs 30 Euros for the year to harbour my boat here. That's a saving of 970 Euros compared to Kesthely, Balaton! And I'll use it a lot more (I haven't sailed Balaton at all this year!).

And I really like Croatia, the people are very friendly, most speak English and everyone says hello to me and smiles when I do the same. Perfect (and nothing like Hungary!). I've never understood how imaginary borders can create massively different people, but there it is!

So until the end of the season my days are fishing more than Bernd, flytying shrimps and sorting out the new Sexyloops site, which may actually go live quite soon!

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul

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