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Ronan's report

Wednesday 29 October, 2014

Today we are starting to teach fly fishing for pike and Sea trout on Rügen island in Germany (Baltic sea). Fair to say: Last season was incredible. Almost every single student caught at least one pike, while many students caught significant more than one pike. Some large ones (over 100cm) were included as well. And then we also caught (coastal) Sea trout upto 3,5Kg.

No surprise I will be very busy during the next 7 weeks. As it looks right now I maybe will have 2 days off within these weeks. If I am lucky that will be. If not, I will be even more lucky. Seriously am very thankful to have such many bookings. Yet people from UK, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden have signed in for this season. To make a living on pure teaching how to fly fish is fantastic - I agree! But it also is hard work to get the point to be able to do so. It's fair to say: A day in which I am teaching how to fly cast and how to fish in day light and then how to tie flies and how pike (and Sea trout) behaviour are looking like in the evening always is a LONG day. Mostly I get up at 7am and then finish around midnight.

If you are interested in joining us, drop me an email ( or give me a call (+4917668492992).

During the past week I was fishing different lakes in south Germany (Westerwald area) for pike. Nice warm up - even though we did not catch many fish. I love to fly fish for pike. It's a very tactical kind of fishing and there is always a lot to learn.

Here in Europe my favorite species to fish for are: Sea trout, Atlantic salmon, Pike, Mullet, Sea bass, Asp, Pike perch, Perch, Grayling, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Char and some more. Pikes are within my personal top 5 here.

Quite amazing how often I still meet anglers being surprised about the large number of different species of fish we fly fish for. Yes, Europe has a lot to offer - that's for sure. I am glad, we have some of the best fishing for Pike and Sea trout in Europe in one and the same (German) area, which allows me to combine both within one trip. So let's see how it will be going this season!?

Great week to all of you!


p.s.: I don't think Paul will manage to fish more than every single day until December 31st. So I guess I will forward my slight leadership about the most fishing days in 2014 (between him and me that is). ;)

p.p.s.: Mate, I hope you are having a hell of a time in Australia right now! Oh, and I hope many fly fishermen over there will be buying your Hot Torpedo. It's a superb fly rod for sure!

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