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Ronan's report

Saturday 20th December, Lars' Birthday

Paul and Irhamy are fishing in the Belum Forest Reserve at the moment. I hope they are having good time casting in the rain while being watched by monkeys, tigers, elephants, barking deer and giant leeches. The monsoon cloud and rain have been here for about a month now. However the average temperature has dropped by two degrees only a few days ago which should be good for Jungle Perch and Snakehead fishing. I have not heard from them since last Sunday because they are in mobile phone dead zone. Hopefully we will get excellent fishing reports from them in the next few days.

I have skipped quite a few FPs lately. The reason is simple; I have not been fishing lately. It is difficult to write something fishing related when you are not fishing. I could write something on competitive analyses or loss leadership in property development but that would be very awkward because they were not sexy topics. I hope I will get most of these year-end reports out of the way before Christmas and get to do some serious fishing before the monsoon is over.

By the way, just before their Belum trip, Paul asked Irhamy if he could bring a white pool ball into the jungle. I wonder what they were up to.


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