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Flyfishing for me is like an endless jigsaw puzzle. Each day you discover a new piece. Blank days are like pieces of sky, every bit as important as the fruitful ones. Sometimes pieces come together in twos and threes. Sometimes you find a corner - how many bloody corners are there anyway? I never attach to the outcome, just fiddle with the pieces when I find them. And I like to think that's how it's supposed to be.

Anyway I had thirteen fish tonight - this particular river [Mystery River X] is quite spectacular at the moment and fishing as well as I've seen. Had my headlamp not packed in making it impossible for me to undo the incredible three fly tangle with which a fish left me, and making me crawl for 30 minutes through a forest, I reckon I'd have caught many more. And quite possibly I'd still be out there now.

At 1am they switched to spent spinners. 1am!!. Christ, this is my kind of river. Any river with a spinner fall at 1am is worth crawling through the bush in my books.

Before the river came to life on dusk, I took a shot of myself though the window. I'll stand in front of a tree next time...

PS I must do a PoD on flytying - that should be interesting

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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