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Fished an hour on a river during the afternoon and the trout were sulking. The rivers are low and warm and it feels like much later in the season. It hasn't rained much this year and there's very little snow on the hills. Lost one, so that was exciting.

Hooked up with Camo-Guy for the evening sedge hatch. Guy's got a few weeks off so we're going to fish hard.

Sedge hatch was slow but there were some large sulpher duns hatching. Landed eight which is just about OK for this river. Guy only had four but he forgot his floatant, which makes it hard fishing dries, he found [so there's a tip for you]. And so he launched the woolly bugger instead.

Some nice fish landed; a few four pounders.

Tomorrow we move towards the salt although first we hammer the mid-morning dun hatch.

Guy may be drunk.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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