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OK first read this:

Wilderness New Zealand fishing is hard, man. Normally I recover before writing these pods. This time I've recovered only enough, I'm still wearing wet boots, I'm on my second beer and I've eaten a bunch of crackers.

I went hard today – again. 11 hours of fishing, tramping, seeking trout – through a gorge. Then a 3 and a half hour hike back along a farm track.

I know this river. An amazing day here is ten trout. A great day is six. Three can still be good. One is OK. None kinda sucks.

I was hoping for – and kind of expected, well you do don't you? – ten. I landed one (six and a quarter), got bust on another.

I have rarely come across such spooky fish. I threw at one and the Nor'wester threw my line 15 feet off target. The fish spooked. How the fish spooked I have absolutely no idea. I may as well have cast in another river.

The walking is relentless.

There were very few fish on the fin and most of those were deep making the approach – as well as the technique – extremely challenging.

And then I saw footprints.

I couldn't work out if they were fresh or not, but I was 90% sure they were. There were no fish anymore, and then I heard shouts. So I took off up another branch of the river, one I've never fished. Saw two more, one of which I spooked, the other I lost.

Three fish hooked for the day, one landed. Hard going.

Not only do you want to be first on the river, but you want three days between your trip and someone's last.

Right, time for beer and pot noodle.

Now check out the pic…

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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