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When it's good

And sometimes it's good...
Great day on the West Coast. Nine fish for the day, all browns (this is the Coast) averaging around 4lbs. Spooky as hell. Saw many more, and the best thing about the day is Deano only landed eight. Not that we're competitive you understand... Well Deano maybe slightly.
You'll notice I've found a way of taking more fish photos! Here's what I do: net the fish and keep the fish in the water, have the camcorder in an easy place to reach, place camcorder on ground (sometimes with grass in front of the lens for effect) and start rolling, release the fish. If the fish is ugly I don't bother.
You'll notice that there aren't many pics of Deano's fish, this is because all his fish were ugly apart from one.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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