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Somewhere in Canterbury


The first fish says, "I'm a bit of a ponce; I saw Sexyloops and there was all this tight funky casting going on and and so I ate a really crap nymphet and took it for a ride, man."

The second fish says, "I'm a bit of a ponce too; I saw Sexyloops and I also saw tight funky casting and so I ate this really crap woolly bugger and took it 100 metres downstream. And I'm a fat bastard."

The third fish says, "I'm not a ponce but would love to be one. I saw this really crap cast and this fucking ugly fly crash landed on my head. I tried to get out of there fast, but it was dark and I was a bit disorientated and before I knew it I was on the ride. I'll know better next time, Deano."

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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