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Suspender Buzzer

Still haven't found any claret seal's fun, even Paco doesn't have any. So instead this is a suspender buzzer. You can tie it in all sorts of colours (apart from claret) and sizes to match the natural - you'll have to work this bit out for yourself (I can't be there with you all times). There are a couple of different techniques you can use to tie these things. This is one way - obviously - tomorrow I'll do it back to front and maybe give it a bowtie. Gotta find some more hooks in the meantime...

Breathers - there aren't any and I never bother with them. Body seal - in this case a sort of dark green colour. Rib - 5lb DS mono. Suspender bit - black stockings and a plastazote ball. There are more durable tying methods but I like the feel of stockings. And the challenge.

Edited by Paul

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