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Sexyloops: the Fly Casting PoD series - Snapcast Single Spey

This one is quite a long.

When I first watched this sequence last week, I discovered something I didn't know.

Camocorders :-) are like that; you learn new stuff - interesting stuff such as hauling continues to the straight rod position, or that you're overweight, or maybe that your nose is too big. In this case I've just realised that the loop initially travels backwards on the snapcast. I didn't know that. And of course it means something, quite what it means I haven't worked out yet. But it will be good.

Incidentally, this is a fantastic way of forming a Switch or Spey cast. With practice is gives you - or at least it gives me - more control over the D-loop. It's a very powerful cast - I can make my longest switches using a snap-lift, it feels sexy (always an important consideration of course), big fish love it, women too and it's quick.

That's the end of this series until I can get some more casting footage. And next time we hope to make the images sharper! Back to Autumn and some sexyfish...

Edited by Paul

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