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The Revolution: Friday

The Royal Fuckup.

I can't see the red either, but it was in there at some point.
I reinvented this fly after being disappointed with the Royal Wulff. Somehow it didn't make sense that such a perverted fly should work. "Why does it work?" I asked myself, "nothing on earth looks like a Royal Wulff."
So I fucked with it. And turned it into a beetle pattern. The following year I turned it into an emerger (to fuck with trouts' minds - Bob - up until this point in history trout had always considered Royal Wulffs to be terrestrial and now they were hatching all over the place). Next year I'll invent the Royal Nymph.
Anyway if you want to tie a Royal Fuckups you'll have to buy Enlightenment.

Edited by Paul
Edited by Paul

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