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The Basket

I had a homemade stripping basket but recently I made a new one based on some refinements from suggestions on the board. It's cheap and quick(less than $5 for the works). More distance on the water, more cash in your wallet.

Basket, soft plastic kitchen variety, depth and size to suit 18"x12"x8"deep(?)
Cable Ties
Hot Glue or Epoxy
Utility Strap / Bungee Cord

1) Drill a pattern of holes in the bottom, small to match the ties, some bigger to drain (these could be a bit bigger)

2) Push the ties in from the bottom (to keep the clasp away from the line) and glue/epoxy in place

3) Snip to length (so they don't cross up, use a lighter to dull/smooth the tips) So like fewer but longer. I used more but shorter because I don't have to deal with a lot of waves or sloshing water.

4) Slot the sides for the strap

5) Prepare for Launch... Fire!

Edited by Eric

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