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The Sexyloops '07 Fly Swap

Group: 1
Tyer: Grunde Lovell
Pattern: Princeps
hook - Dry fly 12-22 (TMC100 #14)
tail - grizzly hackle fibers
body - Poly dubbing (Fly Rite is fine)
wing case - White closed cell packing foam
hackle - Grizzly hackle, 2-4 turns tied parashoot style around the wing case
thorax - Poly dubbing. Dub thorax, fold wing case forward and tie it off
Comments:The Princeps is a Mayfly Emerger. The fly was originally designed by Andreas Fismen and Jens-Petter Ring. The pattern is usually fished dead drift. It's a Killer pattern for BWO's in small sizes.

'07 Fly Swap
Edited by Eric

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