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Picture of the Day
The Big PoD series

"So what cast are you going to make, Paul"
"I'm going to make the fuckup cast, Jason"
"The fuckup cast? I don't think I've heard of that one"
"That's because I haven't invented it yet"
"So how does it work then?"
"I'm going to intentionally mistime the forward cast by coming forward too early, the forward cast will suddenly tighten against the straightening backcast and the cast will fuckup..."
"Right, Paul"
"Which will throw a spectacular slackline cast over the log and I'll nail that fish, the one that you couldn't catch. Stand way back now, this could be dangerous..."
"Wow, Paul, that really was a fuckup"
"Well I didn't mean to fuck up quite as much as that"
"We've hooked the same branch..."
to be continued

Edited by Paul

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