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Rio Windcutter

The Windcutter has been badly named. It is not the line to use in windy conditions; the tip is too long and too light. It is in fact a distance line and a damn good one, being in my opinion the best distance line on the market (and I have tried them all). Each year I get sent all sorts of flylines through the post and none of them quite stands up against the Windcutter.

It is the flyline that I use for all of my floating line trout fishing and it's the one I use for all my casting demonstrations. I have been using them for about four years and since I believe that the flyline is actually the most important item of tackle when it comes to flycasting, I won't settle for second best.

This line is very different to any other I have tried and has a unique front taper. The tip section is one AFTM lighter and the mid-section (of the head) is one AFTM heavier (two on 8-weight and above). This has a profound affect on the behaviour of the line.

At first it feels different and not necessarily in a good way, but with practice the increased acceleration that occurs when the unfurling loop reaches the forward taper gives (me at least) greater control over presentation.

However the real benefit occurs when aerialising longer lengths of line. click here for needle knot adviceSince the mid-section of the head is one AFTM heavier than normal and since the line itself is a long-belly weight-forward, the flyline contained within the 10 to 15 yard section is particularly heavy. Ordinarily this might overload the rod, however since the tip section is underweight the line behaves perfectly.

It should be noted that the tip section is both light and long making it critical that the casting stroke be a straight-line pull, otherwise the flyline performs it's own dogleg on the final shoot (technically known as a "presentation cast""

The running line is amongst the thinnest and hardest I have had encountered. I get a full season out of the windcutter and believe me I knock hell out of them.

Naturally, we sell them here (available in colours tan, yellow and camo)

Paul :-)

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