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The Flow


Here we have something a little bit different. And does this surprise you?

We don't have a completed section to give you. We have an idea. An idea that the Internet is not about static information, it's about the forming of knowledge. This is the dynamics of both the Web and Sexyloops. They both flow and this section, more than any other, reflects this concept.

These pages are joined by a single common thread. That thread is the river.

bYou can think of this section as a river. Every piece that is added is part of that river and belongs here. Perhaps it's the main current, or a back eddy, or a feeder stream. And because this is the Web, we don't have to start at the source and work ever onwards. We can drop in at any point we like. And because this is life, we will.

We don't know how this is going to work exactly. And frankly we neither need to nor would we want it. There is a bit of philosophy going on here. If you plan where you're going, you get so caught up in the end result, that you miss the whole point. The point isn't the conclusion; it's the journey.


It's ok to be lost for a little while; indeed being lost is part of the flow. If you never lose your way, then how the hell are you going to find yourself? :-)

And we don't have a map. No one, to our knowledge, has attempted this. We are either leading the way or we've lost the plot, but more than ever before, we are going to let things happen. You can try to fight the flow, you can try to steer the flow and you can just go with the flow. In all circumstances you'll end up in the same place. We are going to attempt to ride the flow.

In the case of most rivers you end up in the salt. And believe me when I tell you, that this is the other reason why we are living an evolution; we have a saltwater section and that's happily doing it's own thing.

And if you thought that this was enough, we are about to go one step beyond…

We would like for the layout of each page to reflect the stretch of river we are describing. If it's a dense bushy intimate sort of stream, then the page will be literally crammed with text and images from all sides. If on the other hand, we have a large majestic sweeping river then our layout will emulate this. This, we think, is cool. d

I'm starting out in New Zealand. I'll fish as many different rivers, under as many different circumstances as possible (life's a bitch right?) and in doing so, I'll attempt to describe a part of the fishing in a storyboard "with a difference" layout.

e It won't be "Paul goes fishing" writing either, because, like you, I think that sort of writing is bollocks. I'll be describing thoughts, ideas and techniques. And sometimes I'll have the company of friends. If I catch nothing you'll know it, because even nothing can sometimes be everything.

This is living the river. Welcome to The Flow