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Picture of the Day
Spanish Pipes

Not many people know this but the Spanish play the bagpipes, not very well of course, and they particularly enjoy playing them in the middle of the night when everyone else is trying to sleep.

Note well Ali Gowans in the background. Ali is a Scot and fully understands the bagpipes. Notice also that he is clapping. This perhaps is a good sign. The gentleman besides the tree on the other hand is not too sure and has lost the power of clear thought. The guy to his right is extremely polite and clapping with supreme humility. He may be drunk - either that or deaf. The dude to his left (the one sucking the dummy) is definitely drunk. The dog in the picture has just had a near death experience.

I particularly like the expression of the "musician" - he's enjoying this, you can tell.

Edited by Paul

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