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Romania Weekend

Here is the Romanian Blog.

Edited by Paul

OK all about to happen!

This is the programme - very important!

This is the venue - also very important.

Thomas starts the weekend by hand casting through a doorway and beating everyone.

Djordje gives a demo.

Tudor's S1 Waterbike - a fantastic invention!

Thomas has his own Caster Beer

Me! (Just up)

The importance of tracking - using targets.

Now everyone has a go!

Thomas on rods.

Paul on stance.

Paul on... well I have no idea actually :p

Must be distance - Rajeff Style.

Straight tracking by extending the pick-up.

The crowd goes wild.

Mafia Meeting.



Dynamic Roll anchor placement.

Single Spey.

Snake Roll.

And it's all about to happen...

Thomas on Snaps - an excellent demo!

The Snap Cast.

Lots of photographs.



Here I get to try out the Water Bike for the first time.

It's light!

Thomas takes it for a spin.

Here we are discussing the rules.

Lots of Diplomas.

The final presentation.

Instructor Palinka.


Djordje and Thomas.


Signing the biggest cheque in the world.

What a great time! :-)))

An interview for the Romanian Hunting/Fishing channel.


The end of the trip. Thanks guys!!!

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