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The basis behind my business is free online fly fishing consultancy.
I give sound professional advice and information for no cost. Through this contact I do three things:

Firstly, I build a reputation on the internet which increases the traffic through this site, allowing me to run future advertising. Secondly, I build relationships which enables me to sell tackle. And thirdly, I build a better site.

So please email me your questions.

I always answer honestly, fairly and accurately. I don't pass on email addresses; I won't even send you my newsletter (if you want my newsletter -and I think you should - then you will have to ask for it).

It is very rare for an answer to take longer than 24hrs. Sometimes due to circumstances outside my control (server problems, say) this is not possible. If you don't get a prompt answer then your mail never made it.

My business address is:

Pointwell Mill,
Pointwell Lane,
Essex CO6 1RH,

And, of course, my email address is:

- I spend as much time as possible down under -

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