South Otago

The xxxxx, in the far south, is a scenic coastal area a little off the beaten track. As such it is somewhat less touristy than the rest of NZ and therefore demands a look. There are plenty of overgrown rivers in this area.

The xxxxxx River

The pick of the xxxxxx rivers for those on the tourist trip is the xxxxxx. It fishes well to big dry mayfly impressions, maybe even a Royal Wulff and curiously fishes well in an easterly wind. (Alun Lovell)

The xxxxxx River

This river is well worth a visit early on in the season. Good fish in the upper reaches, easily accessible from the xxxxxx/xxxxx back road. Later on the weed that grows is a real bitch and so best avoided after late Nov (Alun Lovell)

So you'll be going there then, won't you?